The Fourth Sunday of Lent – Online Service – March 14

And how is everybody on this bright and beautiful God-graced morning?! Spring is in the air and we hope you can wait the normal two more months for it to be fully completed!

And a Happy Pi Day to one and all! (No, I didn’t mean “pie.” Google that term if you don’t have a mathematical mind.)

Hope you’re here on time and didn’t forget that the clocks jumped ahead an hour last night. If you do arrive late, we’ll try to post the recording of the service up on YouTube as soon as we can.

While Zoom is typically used for interactive online meetings, you do not need a webcam and/or microphone to watch a Zoom presentation or to be part of this online worship service. Just click on the button below and watch. Any computing device — desktop, laptop, tablet, or even smartphone — can view a Zoom presentation.

If you do have a webcam on your computer, it would be lovely to see your smiling faces — but please mute your microphones, or refrain from making any sounds during the service.

And we’re still recording the services for anyone who wants to watch the recorded service on YouTube.

Clicking the Printed Service button will show you the liturgy for this service so you can follow along.

Alternately, just start Zoom and enter 984 5968 8157 as the meeting ID.


The button and link above will only be functional during the time of the service (i.e. 10am to ~10:45am Sunday morning).

If either of the buttons above don’t seem to be working, refresh your browser window (the rounded arrow symbol at the top left) or click the blue “Refresh Page” link below and it should then function properly.

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