The Fifth Sunday of Lent – Online Service – March 21

Can you feel the end of Lent approaching? It’s Passion Sunday next week and I can’t wait!

With the blessings of Bishop Jane and Dr. Deena, we are allowed to once again open our church building for in-person worship services!

This week we do something we’ve never done before: Have our first Sunday morning worship service “go live!” Forgive us if we stumble a bit. Back last autumn when we last had in-person services we were still recording them the previous day. So, know that if you’re watching at home with us on Sunday morning, there are some other live souls in the church building other than Rev. Billy, Michelle, and Ian!

Thanks to Hazel Wolfert for doing readings and Bob Coates for intercessions this morning.

Clicking the Printed Service button will show you the liturgy for this service so you can follow along.

If either of the buttons above don’t seem to be working, refresh your browser window (the rounded arrow symbol at the top left) or click the blue “Refresh Page” link below and it should then function properly.

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