The Day of Pentecost – May 23

Come Holy Spirit, Come!

Most Christians consider Pentecost to be the third-most important day of the church calendar and this year we get to celebrate it the day before we sort-of-celebrate the birthday of a long-dead queen. (She would’ve been 202 on Monday, by the way.)

We congregate — virtually or in-person — on this first Sunday of the season of Pentecost, with the arrival of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your presence and for praying with us, whether you’re joining us live or sometime after.

This morning, we’re back to normal (what’s normal?) with Rev. Billy back after a couple of weeks of bonding with little Micah. 

Hazel is singing this morning and Ian is both playing guitar and occasionally singing. Bill Courtis is our reader and Bob Coates provides today’s Prayers of the People. Thanks to all for your help.

And, although you probably won’t notice a single thing different when watching this live-stream or video, today marks the first Sunday of using a brand new fancy and high-speed laptop computer that our church has acquired. We’ve been borrowing Rev. Billy’s personal laptop over the past few months and, with him gone in a few weeks, we had to think ahead and react! This is the first of a few planned acquisitions to improve the quality and efficiency of our online services.

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