St. Francis of Assisi Day – Blessing of the Animals

Having an animal-loving, Anglican-Franciscan as our priest, it was only logical that we’d be celebrating St. Francis of Assisi Day with an animal blessing at the church. Approximately 17 humans and 14 four-legged animals (primarily dogs with a few cats) gathered at the makeshift altar at the outside front of the church (with the unwelcome guano-dropping animals roosting above) to receive bestowed blessings. Animals were, appropriately, blessed with a water-drawn sign of the cross and their human caretakers were subjected to sprinklings of holy water, compliments of Rev. Billy, who seemed to enjoy the latter far too much. Had the temperature been more seasonable, water would have been more welcome.

News Item: Regrettably, despite having a double blessing, Eileen and Greg’s canine is still misbehaving. While God blesses all living creatures, He doesn’t necessarily correct their incorrigability. That’s probably up to every dog’s “parents.”

Pics from the event can be viewed here.

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