Rev. Joanne at Canterbury

It’s been about a year since Rev. Joanne Webster left our church. She was well-loved by many of us and some are curious to know where she’s landed and what she’s up to…

For about the last eight months, Rev. Joanne has been the Spiritual Care Chaplain for the Canterbury Foundation. For those of us who don’t know about this group, for 44 years it has owned and managed three seniors’ care facilities in Edmonton’s Laurier Heights neighbourhood: Canterbury Manor, Canterbury Court, and Canterbury Lane. Each facility offers a different level of care and the number of living suites, in total, numbers almost 300. So, at any given time, the total population of the complex is 400 or more seniors.

Joanne’s cimmitment there is currently part-time and she finds her work is very rewarding and considerably more focused than it was when leading a more broadly-based typical Anglican congregation.

An excellent video was recently produced, showing Joanne doing her work at Canterbury and offering spiritual and emotional guidance to her new “congregation.”

Please offer up your prayers for Joanne and her amazing and important vocation!

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