Panels Away!

As you all know, we haven’t had the wall separator panels up for about a half year now, keeping our church space open from the parish hall into the narthex and sanctuary. Some may have noticed that those nine panels remained piled up on a small wheeled cart and stored in our beautiful sanctuary, just in front of the nursery windows. There was just no storage space available anywhere in the building – especially for 4 X 9′ panels that stacked to a height of about 3 feet!

On Saturday, September 21 these nine panels were loaded onto the back of a pickup truck and taken away by a fellow from Calmar who has a use for them. It was a long process to sell them on Kijiji, but the sale netted the church $300. As the primary person who’s had to erect and take them down over the past years, I was pretty well ready to pay someone an equal amount to take them away!

Now, we have the seating space we’ll need when we sell out our upcoming Scott Woods fiddling show in November and our A Christmas Carol presentation in mid-December!


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