Messy Church @Home – January

Welcome to our Messy Church Family!

Our Theme this month is: “Taking Care of our World!”

Here is our Lesson Plan for this month:

  1. Bible Verse
  2. Outdoor and Indoor Activities
  3. Prayer
  4. Song by Ian Bowden
  5. Challenge!

Bible Verse

The Bible tells us to learn about our world and let the birds and animals teach us about the world. We are celebrating the biodiversity of the world. There are so many birds, animals, fish, and insects that live with us in God’s creation. St. Francis reminds us we need to look, listen and be kind to other creatures and consciously help them. Today, we will explore God’s world with activities, prayer, and song!
Listen to what Job 12: 7-10 (NSRV) has to say to us.

But ask the animals, and they will teach you;
the birds in the sky, and they will tell you;
ask the plants of the earth, and they will teach you;
and the fish of the sea will declare to you.
Who among all these does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this?
In his hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of every human being.

Bird Chick A Dee Eating Sun Flower Seeds

Outdoor Activities – A Winter Bird Count

Go outside and look for birds in your yard or when you go on a walk.
If you cannot go outside, you can look out your window a few times each day and see what birds are there. Or you can do both inside and outside.
See how many birds you can see on a walk with your family or through your window. And then count them please. Right now many of our local birds have flown South to warmer weather. But we still have some around. We will do this again in the Spring and see how many birds we can identify and count then.
To help you identify what kind of birds you see, we have a link for you:

Birds Canada – Birds in Your Region Checklist

  1. To use this website, click on the link above. You will find a map – enlarge the map until you can see Canada and Edmonton.
  2. Put your cursor west of Edmonton and click. Scroll down and select the “View and Print” button.
  3. You will see a chart of coloured photos of Birds in Our Area! Wow!

A good friend of ours who watches birds all the time, gave us a list of the most common birds right now.
See if you can find a photo of these birds:
Common birds: blue jay, black-capped chickadee, white-breasted nuthatch, hairy or downy woodpecker, magpie, house sparrow, bohemian waxwing birds are eating red berries right now.
Less common birds: now are: great horned owl, pileated woodpecker, common redpoll, pine grosbeak (a real find).

Bird Activities

  1. Make a list of the birds you see. How many did you see of one kind? Chickadees for example? Did you see any brown birds? Did they have a red head? You can also circle the birds on your list from above.
  2. Draw your own bird picture or colour the bird picture we have provided: Bird Colouring Page

Indoor Activities

Fingerprint Animals

Fingerprint Animals
  1. Find some paint or washable ink and some paper and markers or crayons.
  2. Dip your fingers into the paint or ink and make prints on your paper.
  3. When the ink dries, draw arms and legs onto the prints to make ladybugs, rabbits, birds, cats, dogs, or whatever you like!
  4. If you have paint, you could make animals from your fingerprints: a chickadee – for example, you could make a black head, a white stomach, and a brown back. OR you could make any animal, insect (a bee or dragonfly might be nice), flowers, trees, hills.

Resource: Idea seen on the Web by Doodlecraft by Natalie Shaw,

Marble Run!

Would you like to build your own marble run? Sometimes we have a lot of ‘stuff’ left over after Christmas that we need to recycle. A marble run is a good way to use up some of the stuff we might think is junk. Here are some ideas.
1.This marble run is built on a wall
2. To begin, mark out a 1.2 m by 0.68 m (4 foot by 2 foot 3 inch) rectangle on a wall or a bulletin board.
3. Next tape a piece of a cardboard tube in the top left corner and the bottom right. (Christmas paper tubes, wax paper tubes, foil tubes, etc.)
4. The marble will start in the left hand corner of your rectangle and end at the bottom right. You now can begin to put other things on the rectangle to assist the marble to run to the bottom right corner.
5. It is easier to see how to do this by watching this short YouTube video from KIWICo Marble Run Challenge.

Marble Run – How To
Second, watch KIWICo Marble runs from around the world to get some ideas: Marble runs other children have made


Taking care of our world is something we need to think about everyday. Learning from the birds who sing everyday even as they search for food to eat that day is very special. It reminds us that God takes care of animals and God asks us to take care of them too. Thank you for looking for birds and letting us know how many you have seen and if you know, what kind of bird they are. If you draw a bird for us, please send a photo of it to us so we can put it together with others. We would love to see what you ma


Dear God. Thank you for giving us a beautiful world to live in. Please help us to learn from the birds and animals and how to take care of them. Thank you for taking care of us and the birds and animals in our world. Amen.


Here we have our own Ian Bowden singing “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”


Could you please send us a photo of your pet or an animal you can see from your window. Or a bird or animal you saw when you were looking for birds. If you drew or coloured a bird, please send us a photo of these too. We will make a collage of all these pictures. Our email address is

Thank you to Everyone!

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