Messy Church @ Home – February

Welcome Messy Church Families!

Our Theme this month is: “Hearts and Courage: Take Heart Everyone!”

Valentine’s Day is coming soon. On Valentine’s Day we make hearts to give to the people we love, the friends we like to spend time with, and those we know who are alone or are sick right now. This year, you might be making e-valentines at school to send to your classmates by email. When we give a Valentine, we are saying: “You are special to me!” We have some heart crafts for you below to do at home.

Here is our Lesson Plan for this month:

  1. Bible Verse
  2. Outdoor and Indoor Activities
  3. Prayer
  4. Song by Ian Bowden
  5. Challenge!
  6. Last Month’s Challenge – Update – Your Bird Art!

Bible Verse

There is another meaning to the word heart. Sometimes we say to people, “Take Heart!” It means to have courage, to be courageous. We all need courage, especially right now when so many things have changed in our lives. The Bible tells us in many places to be strong!

“Be strong and take heart all you who hope in the Lord.” Psalm 27: 14

“Be of good courage and let us be courageous for our people and for the cities of God, and may the Lord do what seems good to him.” 2 Samuel 10: 12

Outdoor Activities

Heart Shaped Ice Cubes
Heart Shaped Ice Cubes

Frozen Valentine hearts: We know it is very cold outside right now. If you go outside for a short walk, look for things that are very strong in nature; a tree, a rock, fallen branches. Also look for things that you could use to decorate a frozen heart, a frozen valentine.

  1. Look for red berries as they are easy to see right now. Pick a few red berries. But don’t take too many as many birds eat these berries in the winter. If you see some grasses or some small sticks, you might want to pick those up too.
  2. When you go inside, place a heart cookie cutter or heart shaped mold or the lid of a jar inside a container or on a plate. Put your berries inside the cookie cutter or lid, your grasses, and whatever else you picked up outside. Fill the cookie cutter or lid with water and put it outside to freeze. Or you could put it in your freezer. Be very careful to keep the water inside the heart cookie cutter. The round lid works just as well. With a lid, you could decorate and freeze a very big circle to hang on a tree. You could also add some food colouring to the water.
  3. If you can, once it starts to freeze, make a hole at the top of the heart with a pencil. This is to put string through the heart to hang on a tree. To see a picture of this, go to the link below.
  4. Hang this on a tree outside your home or in a park where you walk. OR you could give it to someone for them to hang on a tree.

Indoor Activities

Valentine Stencil Cards

Valentine Stencil Heart Cards

  1. You will need 2 pieces of coloured paper like construction paper or white paper you can colour.
  2. Fold both pieces of paper in half. One will be your valentine card. And one you will use to cut out a heart.
  3. Draw a half a heart on the one piece of folded paper. Cut out the half a heart. Open that piece of paper and you will see the shape of a heart. We call this a heart stencil.
  4. Tape that heart stencil to the piece of paper that will be your card. Make fingerprints inside the heart. You can use finger paints or an ink pad. You might have an ink pad that you use with stamps.
  5. Once the inside of the heart is filled in with your colourful fingerprints, remove the tape from the heart stencil. You will see a beautiful coloured heart on the outside of your card. For photos and step by step directions, see the link below.
Heart Mosaic

Heart Mosaics
A mosaic is coloured pieces of paper or of stone that we put together to make a picture with many different colours. You could even make one with some things you picked up outside on your short walk. For example, the red or different coloured berries, some dry grass or sticks, some small pieces of cardboard, and of course, some coloured pieces of paper you cut out.

  1. You will need thicker paper like cardstock but ordinary paper is ok too. Cut a heart out of this paper.
  2. Cut coloured paper into strips and then into smaller pieces. You can cut any shape and size you like out of the coloured paper. Glue these pieces on the paper heart. And perhaps if you want, glue the berries and grasses on it as well. You will have a beautiful heart mosaic.
  3. You might want to write something on these hearts. You could say Take Heart or Stay Strong. Or you could say if it is a gift, I love you.
Valentine Tree

Family Lenten Heart Tree
On your short walk outside when you are looking for berries and grasses, gather up some branches on the ground. You might not be able to see any under the snow. But look carefully on paths to see if some small branches have fallen from trees. Gather about 3 to 4 branches or have your parents cut a larger branch from the ground to cut in smaller pieces.

  1. Put your branches inside a vase or empty jar or can. Fill the container with rice or dry beans to make the branches stand up. Or you might not need to do this. Just lean your branches on the sides of the vase or jar.
  2. Next take some coloured paper OR old Christmas cards and cut out a heart. Ask your parents to help you cut out a heart. OR you could cut out a few hearts on white paper and colour them. You could glue pieces of old Christmas cards on them or buttons or beads if you have them.
  3. Write someone’s name on each one. Or have your parents write on each heart for you. Write the names of your family, your grandparents or cousins or aunts and uncles on them.
  4. Take a hole punch and punch a hole at the top of the heart. Put string or wool through the hole and hang your heart on the branches. Each day in Lent have a look at your Heart tree and choose one. Say a prayer for that person, like, “Dear God, please take care of Grandma.” OR “Help my mom at work or study today.”
  5. This is a family memory tree to help us keep those we love close to us during Lent. And to ask God to take care of them. Remember to put a heart on the tree with your name on it too.
    Developed from this Craft:


Dear God. Thank you for keeping us safe right now in the cold weather and the sickness that is around us right now. We pray for those who are sick and who need help right now. Help us to stay strong and to take heart and remember you are with us always. Amen.


Magic Penny sung by our own Ian Bowden!


Soon it will be Lent. Lent starts just after Valentine’s Day on Ash Wednesday. Lent is a time for prayer and reflection. Lent is a time for us to remember God and how he cares for us. Lent also asks us to think of all the people in the world, our families and things that are important to us. It is a time to be brave and bold and perhaps try something new. Here is a calendar for your family to use during Lent. You can print it out and put it on your fridge. It has activities, prayers, and discussion ideas for each day of Lent. Print Lenten Calendar


Last Month’s Challenge

Last month we asked you to send us your bird pictures. Here is your beautiful artwork! Thank you to Brenda, Kelly, and Luke for sharing your art!


Send us your Art and we will post it here. Our email address is

Thank you to Everyone!

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