Billy En Famille

Blessings to You, Rev. Billy! (and family)

As announced at the online service of March 14, Rev. Billy, Dana, Allison, Florence — plus the other-to-be — are leaving us for Lotusland. A letter from Bishop Jane that was read by our current Rector’s Warden, Charles Harris, indicated that his last Sunday with us would be June 13.

In his homily of March 14, Rev. Billy talked about his calling from God to return to his British Columbia roots and to lead a parish there. On July 1, he will become Rector of St. Mark’s – Ocean Park, which is in the Diocese of New Westminster. For anyone who hasn’t heard of Ocean Park (including myself), it’s actually a neighbourhood of South Surrey, close to the Pacific coast, a few kilometres west of White Rock. Fortunately, the posting includes a rectory, so Billy and Dana won’t have to sell any of their children in order to buy a home!

I took the photo that heads this post just prior to Advent 2017, when Rev. Billy and his considerably smaller family came to be with us — although Florence had already shown her formidable presence! Coincidentally, a current family photo would look much the same, albeit with one extra soul in it!

I look forward to someone else figuring out how we’re going to honour these people before they hit the road in mid-June. Hopefully, someone will come up with something pandemic-appropriate!

Added note: June 15, 2021

As it turned out, we did come up with a good way to honour these folks — a send-off, through-the-parking-lot parade! Photos of the event can be viewed here.

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