A Very Special Auggie’s Baptism

Cynthia has been an Auggie’s volunteer for some time, typically helping with clean-up at the end of each weekly lunch. A long-time member of the Rehoboth community in Stony Plain, Cynthia recently expressed her desire to become baptised into the Anglican church. Considering those of Auggie’s Café to be her faith community, she wanted those people to witness and be part of this significant event in her life.

Cynthia’s sponsors were Betty Squance and Dianne Brown. The Service of Holy Baptism was conducted by Rev. Billy at Auggie’s Café on Tuesday, October 23, assisted by Tara Munn and Dana Hunter.

We are all very proud of Cynthia taking this big step in her Christian life and offer her our profound congratulations!

Pics of the great event can be viewed here. Thanks to Paula Dunbar for the photos.


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