MoSA - Men of St. Augustine's

Upcoming MOSA Events

MoSA meets on the first Saturday of each month, in the parish hall. Breakfast is typically prepared and provided by two of the members.

Robin Trowsdale is the primary MoSA contact: 780 962 2811 or email.


Men of St. Augustine's

MoSA usually meets the first Saturday of the month to enjoy a gourmet breakfast (cooked by a couple of the guys) and share in some great conversation. We have included such outings as a golf game, or an evening out at the local watering hole to share a pint. We are looking at including such events in the future as bringing in speakers to discuss relevant topics, finding and filling a need in the community, or take in a movie at the local theatre. We are enjoying the continued growth of the group and looking forward to see where God takes us.